‘Cech’ admits he doesn’t know if Singha will finish this season or not

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Chelsea technical director Petr Cech admits the club are now surviving day by day. and not sure whether to support himself until the end of the season or not After the British government imposed sanctions on Roman Abramovich,

Chelsea are now facing the biggest crisis in history. After the government announced sanctions on Abramovich, the owner of a team linked to Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader has announced a military campaign to invade Ukraine.

Although Chelsea will be allowed to continue playing. But they were banned from selling clubs, signing contracts, selling tickets or club merchandise. to the limited travel budget

“Before I answer the question I want to say It is very sad to see what happened in Ukraine. I hope the situation will resolve soon. And people will go through a period of suffering,” Cech said ahead of the Newcastle game.

When asked if Chelsea will pass this season or not. Cech admits that “We have to admit that We live our lives day by day. Because of this it is beyond our control. Negotiations are ongoing. So that we can work on a way to finish this season.”

“Of course it’s a difficult situation. We are part of the Premier League. One of the best competitions in the world I believe we can finish the season. because it is clear that This will also help everyone involved in the Premier League.”

“We have a lot of questions. But there are not many answers. However, we are determined to stay focused on what we can control: work, help each other, train and focus on the game

. And the team is encouraged to do it.”