‘Howe’ yells ‘Newcastle’ should get a penalty

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Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe says his team should have taken a penalty when Jacob Murphy was pulled over in the defeat to Chelsea, with

Kai Havertz scoring the winner. Thomas Tuchel’s side won 1-0 amid speculation over the club’s future following sanctions on owner Roman Abramovich,

but Howe remains adamant that Newcastle should have taken the penalty in the minute. At 60 from the moment Murphy enters the penalty area and is hit by Trevoh Chalobah, following along, pulling the shirt down.

“For me, I can’t ignore the penalty. I am very disappointed with the decision and the way they settled on that situation,” Howe said after the game.

“It’s basically a penalty, Jacob’s shirt almost torn, fell into the box, it was a clear penalty.

“Even if the on-field umpire doesn’t give it, which I understand, VAR doesn’t give a penalty and they should at least tell the referee to go back and look at his decision a bit. Because if you look back, he realizes that he made a mistake.”

Another incident was a rhythm that happened in the first half. Havertz jumped to take the header and spread his elbow at Dan Byrne, causing him to need first aid and was furious with the batter Even then, the German footballer only received a yellow card.

Asked about the timing, Howe told reporters: “I think it might be a red card. I’m not here to say it’s a red card. But I think it was one of those decisions

. I saw that moment again, maybe a red card,

but for me the thing that disappointed me the most, the decision I didn’t understand why not, was the penalty.