“Inzaghi” regrets that if he equalizes faster, he may win.

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Inter Milan boss Simone Inzaghi believes their team could beat Torino if they had equalized earlier. Just survived a 1-1 draw with “Rock Bull” in 90+3 minutes of injury time thanks to Alexis Sanchez’s goal, keeping them in third place behind leaders AC Milan. Four points

“Toro was more aggressive in the first half but his goalkeeper made two important saves. We came back with the right momentum. Should have beaten faster. And if we can do this then we might have won,” Inzaghi told ufabet after the game

. We have to do more and come up with different ways to play these games. Even if there are some excuses.”

“We lost Energy and a lot of players during this crucial season of the season. But that’s not an excuse. Of course we can do better.”

“Unfortunately, the period when we were not in good form came in the busiest period of the season. Now we hope that all players will return to full fitness at the end of the season

. I’m trying to recover as quickly as possible.”

“I’m not worried as we now have time to practice as usual and also have time to analyze the situation. in order to restore physical and mental fatigue.”