‘Tuchel’ vows not to leave Chelsea in the middle of the road

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Thomas Tuchel has confirmed he will stay at Chelsea until the end of the season and says it is now their responsibility to fight for everyone at the club.

The first home game since Roman Abrahimovic was boycotted ended dramatically after scoring the winner in the 89th minute in a win over Newcastle United,

Tuchel admitted the club had to look at it day by day. what will happen Even so, he insisted that he would definitely not leave the team midway.

“There is no doubt that I will be with the team until the end of the season. We just have to say it one day at a time because things change,” Tuchel said.

“This was a result that made a huge impact on us, to make the fans happy means a lot. It changed everything.”

“We realized how privileged we were. This is a big club, we’re concentrating. But we have privileges.”

“Hundreds of people at this club are not privileged, may face uncertainty in their lives and are more worried about the future than us

,” he said. Be proud and never give up This is what we can do and this is what they want from us.”

At the moment, Chelsea operates under a government-issued permit but still has many restrictions such as travel.

Clubs are allowed to cash out for travel expenses. Even so, no more than £20,000 per trip is prohibited,

Tuchel said of the matter. “The latest information I know is that we have planes to sit on. (Visiting Lille) and we can go back and forth by plane.”

“If not we’ll take the train, if not then the bus, if not then I’ll drive a seven-seater myself.”