‘Yarmolenko’ said he was trying his best to repay every encouragement.

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Andre Yarmolenko opens the door for West Ham They won 2-1 at home to Aston Villa, thanks to everyone who has always backed up during their tough time following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in his homeland. And that drives him to do his best on the field.

“I am deeply moved by the situation in my country. It’s hard for me right now to think about football. Because the Russian army is killing Ukrainian citizens day by day,” West Ham hero Yarmolenko said after the game. the ufabet report.

. I just want to thank my teammates for their support all the time and every day, thanks to the West Ham fans. that also supports me and the Ukrainian people Like all British people We can feel the support. Thank you very much.”

“I feel encouraged by the fans. So I try my best on the racetrack. Because I know it’s an important game. I’m not 100 per cent ready because in the last two weeks I’ve only practiced 3-4 times, I can see that

since February 26, I’ve been off for four days because I can’t train. I only miss my family and the people of my country, today I’m just trying to do my best on the track.”